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There are countless benefits and blessings of ramadan.If one recognizes them,he will wish to have ramadan for the whole year.ALLAH shower his blessings upon those who are fasting with the complete faith.In ramadan the doors of heaven are open and the doors of hell are closed.



Ramadan gives us the lesson of TAQWA which gives us self-controlling,self-restraint and fear from ALLAH. In ramadan,there is the manifestation of right and wrong. Devils are chained down so that they cannot come into the way of the fasters. If a person is fasting with complete faith and expectation it will lead to his forgiveness by ALLAH to his sins. BABUL RAYYAAN: This is a door in heaven which is speacialy for the fasting muslims. Only those will be blessed to enter thd paradise through this door who will fast in the month of ramadan. Acceptance of DUA: When a person fast with full dedication and waits till AFTAR,whatever he or she prays at the moment of aftar is accepted by ALLAH.



BLESSINGS OF SAHOOR: The night meal gives the chance of prayers,dua in fajar amd recititation of HOLY QURAN. In Quran,many a times GOD has mentioned the importance of this month. "Oh who believe,fasting is decreed for you as it was decreed to those before you,perchance you will guard yourselves" The month of Ramadan is the holliest month.It brings many spirtual and social benefits. A person tries to refrain himself from the bad habits. He avoid little fights and abusive language with his brothers because it will completely destroy their prayers.ALLAH has a mighty reward for all those fasting men and women.




By fasting, we realize the hunger and needs of the needy people. So we have to care for the needy and give alms to them,show kindness and refrain from sinning because this month can be so beneficial for us that one can't imagine the benefits and the blessings that ALLAH showers upon us. It is compulsory for every muslim to fast in the month of Ramadan.





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