Rana Mashhod in trouble....

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Today i am going to talk about the great truth accepted by minister of present government of PMLN  of Pakistan.

It is very shameful for him and for his whole family and party also.Because he was seen demanding 5,6....20 Lac rupee from fraudulent immigration official Asim Malik via telephone, in a video footage aired on ARY News program ‘Khara Sach’ hosted by Mubashir Luqman on August 13.

Now due to that the government of PMLN had formed a committee to solve that matter.The committee was made by Cheif minister punjab Shahbaz Sharif.where in it reportedly suggested the CM to sack the minister as Cabinet member as his telephonic conversation with a fraudulent official was found genuine.

Sources told that the committee recommended that all positions of Mashood would be taken back. Mashhood has already been sidelined from all key meetings and decision-making processes of the PML-N.In a video, Mashood was seen seeking bribe from Malik purportedly on behalf of the chief minister Punjab. However, the final decision in this regard will be taken by Haq and CM Punjab Shahbaz Sharif .

Now we can see that is the condition of our selected leaders which are leading Pakistan if they should be like that then what will be the future of Pakistan.For God sake please make our country peaceful and so that our country should progress and prosper.

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