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Honda hasn't exactly broke the internet with the unveil of its 2016 RC213V-S, but it's come close with the announcement of both good and bad news regarding its street-legal MotoGP bike.

The good news is that Honda will officially make the street-legal RC213V-S as a 2016 model. The bad news is that the bike will cost $184,000 and, in US-spec trim, make just 101 horsepower thanks in part to electronic restrictions. A Sports Kit will be available in countries not including the US, which extends the rev limiter and thus bumps claimed peak power to around 215 horsepower. Our guess is that if you have the means to afford the bike, then you also have the connections and money to get your hands on one of these kits (which will reportedly cost upwards of 12,000 euros). Or at least find another way around the ECU restrictions...


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