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Hardly anyone in the world who do not want to be happy when everyone in the world will not do that should not be asked for any kind of happy wants happiness and how he wants to be happy and rejoice in all situations, it will then also for each person is different, there is joy in any to have plenty of money to be collected This will be a very happy one beautiful home which have a car of his wife, children, and he will live with them for their entire life. That's the source of joy for everyone and is a joy to be able to get into something and have someone talk to me, but the desire is the same is to be happy.

After all, it is happy to be seen, but if so, why is it so important, what is its meaning? And most importantly, what is the real happiness? In fact, the mentality of the man means thinking of the happiness of a person cannot be happy in the bus is on until it stays away from negative thoughts actively, but there are many benefits of happiness which is a biggest health restoration rescue from the same type of problem, everything is from the sacrifice and sacrifice, as well as those not happy shall he be, that and more. The most important one thing we cannot afford with money or happiness, or why you never have to meet the requirements of the human being has no connection with joy of man after , money does not delight us.

But now, if we see what is real happiness, or talk to them all that I could do the things I've done, all of them are real anywhere is not happy after some time the worldly ends. In fact, the joy of heart, even when a person of means is the heart of the quiet happiness feels it will in fact be happy and happiness is the reward to come from sin, return to that person, leaving the path of evil, good will likely come back. This is called true happiness, true happiness. And it's not happy and, Yes, and his own life is sacrificed for others to match. In fact, only he happy to say.

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