Reality of Life ( Power) Some people have it and some people have not!

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What is Power?

Why we need Power?

New a day everyone wants Power. Some people think that power is dirty word. They did not like to talk about that. But if you are looking for higher position or looking for better life, you require power. I am going to  share with you step by step  to acquire power

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Prepare Yourself for Having Power 


About Power
is ability to grab the position and influence on other. Power gives you health, wealth and position.
You have to take the decision whether you want to share change yourself or not. Some time only decision will not help you to achieve power. You have to implement in appropriate manner. Sometimes people spend their alot of time to know about the consequences of the decision without implementation

Power is the energy which gives you chance you to put your ideas into action. But there is a ambivalence which force us that power is undeniable. American said power is the last dirty word. It is very normal to talk about money or sex then to talk about power

Often its is seem that power is used for influence and exercised for evil purpose. No doubt we acquire power in organization to achieve goals in organization. But that is interesting that when we use power for ourselves,we see it as a good thing and wish we had some but if someone use against us, we see it as evil. Sometimes people think that how can we developed power

Decide Your Path

Sometimes you made decision. but only a decision by itself can not be change anything. After that we are spend more our time in thinking about the quality of decision ( whether its good or bad). If someone come from this situation, they start thinking about the consequences of their decision. Therefore should spend for time on implementation.

Problems in organization

There is hierarchy in organization under which you want to influence on other. But The fashion of working in organization is outdated. You have to work with your subordinates colleagues.

Your boss maybe wrong in some ways when you are working under someone.

Rise yourself


Following are steps in which you can prepare yourself for a powerful position

1.                 Define your goals

2.                Found those people who can help to you for achieving your goals

4.                Identify their power base in organization

6.                identify your power among them

8.                beware which people who people who do not want to see you in power

10.               Last is make strategies and tactics for achieving power


Power ( Implementation stages )

  1. Now i am going to tell you that how you can implement your decision
  2. First you have to decide that what is your goal, what you want to accomplish in future
  3. Find out those person which can help you to achieve your goals
  4. Find out about their views, whether they like to see you in power or not,what are their power which they have recently and which among of then can be more influential in your decision
  5. Diagnose your power among them, what action can help you to develop to take more control over the situation
  6. what kind of various tactics and strategy can help you to achieve powerand the last choose the course of action to get things done

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