Recipe of Khouya (My favorite)

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Recipe of Khouya (My favorite)

During many occasions in Pakistan like marriage ceremonies, Eid days, or any other ceremonies we use many kinds of sweets, but I like Khoya that's why I cooked Khoya for me and my family, although it is time consuming but less cost, and no too much ingredients is used while making the Khoya.
I make Khoya but it takes 50 , 55 mints and it is delicious.

Types of Khoya

There are many kinds of Khoya, it depends on its texture which you want and time taken for cooking it changes its shape.
Soft Khoya
Hard Khoya
Granular Khoya


Full fat milk 1 litre
Use Nonstick Pan
Use wider spatula

Method of making Khoya

Put 1 liter milk in a non-stick pan and then put this pan on medium heat. Once milk is boiled then reduce its flame from medium, and stir it with 4 to 5 minutes.use wider spatula because it covers the wider area of the bottom pan and milk is not sticking to the bottom of the pan.

After 40 minutes it becomes changed, and do not forget to stir with scrapping bottom of the pan and also sides of the non stick pan. And its texture looks like a little grainy. After 55 minutes it becomes thick and having more grainy like texture and at this stage stir and scrape the bottom of the pan continuously, although it looks like halwa or dense material and after 1 hour 10 minutes Khoya will be ready. Remove it in another bowl and let it cool completely. On cooling it becomes thicker and harder.


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