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Hi every one...

We are going to release are own Youtube channel where we can talk about a lots of thing yet we have few thing to be decided like where we will shoot(also that depends on the topic we are shooting on)..we need a large are such a farmhouse or something big than that..but soon we will be buzz word on Youtube..

   One of my friend (Sufiyan) want to make gaming video showing gameplay, giving review, and i dont know what all he will do with all games

   My another friend (Arshad) want to make video on social welfare, helping needei, solving problem of other, and ya he also want to make video on Science and Myth

  Now come what will be my plan....hmmmm???.....i will direct them and will support them because i want to go in both gaming, also welfare, and science..Yet we are deciding name of channel want some catchy name..If any 1 want to give any suggestion we will welcome your precious suggestion..



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