REM Origin with Digital Citizen Fund.

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This great hero is native to the planet earth, working in an industrial pharmaceutical company called Rem he had a bipolar 
problem was he was always good and moody.

One day one of his companions leave lit a machine that contained toxic wastes of the company and when he fell step rem all toxic wastes,
He began to scream no one heard him, He was alone. He felt an immense heat and was fainted for about 3 hours, suddenly He
woke up but it was different, He had big arms and great strength, He looked in the mirror he saw that he had a double-sided
one was with a smile but the other was very rare, He was angry, seeing and felt angry and happy
He tried to remove his split personality but he could not, so He designed a machine that could remove the bad character he
had and save the world.

He built the machine, and got inside it...


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