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''''''Forget the risk and take the fall,
      If its meant to be, it will worth it all'''''

I know, Taking risks are good...But sometimes the biggest risks we take is with our hearts....We lend our hearts open to our loved ones expecting them not to hurt it...Its actually, insanity...but, Love without  insanity is not love at all..

Risks in life are meant to be taken..this is what life is..and that's how lessons are learned. If you'll never try, you will never know...
trust the process and do take risks,.....Love without fully, love without limits, love beyond imagination,, Love with all your heart, do not think, do not speculate, just take the fall...either then you will experience love to the fullest, or you will experience a great lesson....But the sure thing is, you will get something to be grateful for ever after...

That's how life lessons are learned...

'''Life happens, Love helps'''


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