Remembering High School (2nd. Year)

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Remembering High School (2nd. Year)


Sophomores, 2nd year of high school.

Finally modified to the ambiance of high school life and we were making it two times memorable compared to freshmen years.

The Camporal for us Sophomores that time was irresistibly remarkable, it was our turn to be the patrol leaders leading the freshmen in there pilgrimage of developing camaraderie through exploration. Ugh, we are dying to return the blissful past! haha...

The best scouting/jamboree ever, happened to us that year. It was a piece of cake as long as we are united with love, it was incomparable.

The Intramurals, we never missed this event to blurt out our efforts and exhilarations. And many other activities, xmas party, scout, school pageants.

We spent our last day as sophomores together in an eminent beach and we did a lot of swimming, laughing, munching, bonding and loving.






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