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In just a few easy steps you can remove .blogspot from your domain! Many bloggers out there have ask me how to remove .blogspot and change it to a .com.  SO… it is! A tutorial that will give you step by step directions on how to remove .blogspot from your domain!
The first step is to register and purchase your custom domian (  You can no longer purchase custom domains through blogger.  Here are a few companies you can use:
Our favorite is Cute! Cute Websites is what we will use in the following tutorial.  Prices vary, but to purchase a .com it is $11.99/year.
1. Go to the Domain Register.  Enter in the domain name you would like and hit ‘Go’.  If your domain is already taken you will see a list of similar domains that you can purchase.

2.  Once you find the domain name you would like click the red ‘Add’ next to it.  Then you will click on blue button on the right that says ‘Continue to Checkout’.
3.  The box that pops up will give you options to add on Web Hosting or an Email account.  If you don’t want any other options click ‘Continue’.  Last step for purchasing your domain… the red ‘Checkout’ button on the right!!
4.  Once you complete the checkout process you will receive an email confirmation that includes your customer number that you will need in the next step.  Go to  Log in is towards the upper left hand corner.   Click on ‘Domain Names’ and then on the drop down menu click on ‘My Domain Names’.

5.  On the domain page that comes up you will see your domain, click on it.

6.  Towards the middle of the page you will see in bold ‘Forwarding’. Next click ‘Manage’.
On this page you will need to:


  • click the Enable forwarding box
  • enter the address to your blog in the forward to area
  • click the Moved Permanently box
  • Click ‘Ok’. You’re finished!

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