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This time i am going to talk about the resolution passed by Canadian Parliment in which they all agreed to carry out airstrikes against the Islamic states Iraq/Syria.

OTTAWA: Canadian Parliament has accepted a resolution to carry out airstrikes against the Islamic State (IS) in Syria and Iraq.Canadian Prime Minister Steven Harper termed IS as an international threat and the country is not safe from the Islamic militant group as well. The country will join the coalition forces of the United States for finishing the radical Islamic group for fighting the militant organization.

In the voting process, 157 Lawmakers out of 291, of the country voted in favor of the airstrikes against IS.On the other hand, 14 people were killed in clashes with Police during protests against the militant organization in Turkey. Curfew has been imposed in three key Turkish cities.Lets see what will be the reaction of those nations against the resolution of Canadian Parliment.

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