Revolution (Part 1)

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If you want to understand what is revolution ? before i start telling you something about revolution, i will tell you story of two friends Tom and Henry. Tom and Henry both lived in Texas (American State) , both belonged to the community of Black People, they were less literate ,poor, friends and neighbors also. Both Tom and Henry wanted to change their social and financial lives. Tom thinks that we need an idealist, pure, kind hearted and revolutionary leader who will change our lives and people like us who are living below powerty line. We will also have respect in society, there will be justice and jobs for us. He will accomodate us with houses,cards. We will also travel in planes and can stay in Five Star Hotels. We will be famous and will appear on televions also. But on the other hand Henry was more realistic than Tom and he believed that no government, no political party, no leader , no one can change your fate. Governments and Leaders are only the watchmans of your building or bungalow but its you yourself who have the build the bungalow for yourself. Due to their different theories, conflicts came between them. Henry had problem with his cousin Dick about property and their case was filed in Court. After conflict with Tom, Henry stood up and went to see his cousin Dick. Henry apologised and backs himself from case. After that he sold his only car for Five Thousand Dollars and split it into half. he gave  Half (Two thousand and five hundred dollars) to his wife and with the rest he took admission in Cooking school. Henry attended that school for one year. After completing his studies, Henry started working in a Hotel as chef. Henry splits his salary into half and give half to his wife and other half he deposits in bank. He took keen interest in Hotel business, he noticed pros and cons in Hotel business and also noticed the requirements of customers. He saved Twelve Thousand dollars during his one year of working in Hotel as Chef.




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