Road safety(4)

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We have noticed the lanes on the road.These lanes have their purpose.The right most lane is called the fast lane/overtaking lane it is used for overtaking the vehicle and for going fast. The middle lane is called the normal lane it is used for normal driving and the left lane is used for heavy traffic like trucks/tankers etc.Try to drive your vehicle in your lane ,do not disturb others  people by changing the lanes frequently.This will keep you and other people safe and this will also show your good sense of driving.

Follow the traffic signs around you because they are implemented on road by purpose .FOR EXAMPLE every one of us have seen the sign of “do not use horn” near the schools,universities and offices  and  “crowded area ahed” on the highways.We all should try to follow the instruction carefully provided by the traffic signs.

There are many other areas where we have to use our common sense on the roads like donot drive fast near schools,do no drive fast near kids playing areas, always use seatbelt while driving which is strictly important ,do not park your vehicle on road.Parking is a big issue now a days ,as there is a lot of traffic on the roads ,we should try to park our vehicle on the safe place.

In many countries the government and other official organizaation have announced the “road safety week” in which they educate people about how to drive safe on the roads and many other rules.We also should try to start compaign about the road safety in our society. This will help us to educate the people about road safety.

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