RoboCop (2014) - Trailer Review

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So this is going to be the first in a mini-series I want to do, revolving around reviewing the trailers of upcoming films ... Obviously there shall be no plot spoilers contained in these - I'll just focus more on who is rumoured to be in the cast and my thoughts of the receptions they will receive.

So without further ado, I declare the 'Trailer Review' blogs open.

I want to start on the upcoming remake of that 1987 classic 'RoboCop'. This 2014 remake is set to star the likes of Gary Oldman ('The Dark Knight'), Jackie Earle Haley ('Watchmen') and Samuel L. Jackson ('Pulp Fiction'), however the male lead playing the eponymous role, Joel Kinnaman, I personally am unaware of - and from what I can tell on other film websites, he only seems to have been in a few productions, none of which seem very big name. So, this seems to be the role that will break him out into the limelight - fingers crossed for the fella'.

I have been quite .. Backwards and forwards on my opinions of remakes in my film reviews - 'Total Recall' was a complete disaster, but 'Carrie' was one of the best films I've seen recently, so where do I stand on this particular remake? Unfortunately, until I see it, I'm going to have to be on the fence a little - I remember the original 'RoboCop' and I wasn't actually that impressed, I had the action figures to play along, but as far as the film went itself I was a little bored. Having seen the trailers for this remake, I have much higher hopes, from what I can tell they've changed the story somewhat, perhaps bringing the sequels into this one movie (I never saw the original sequels, so I'm completely lost as to the rest of the plot).

In terms of graphic content, the robotic suit that is worn seems to be based on the same design, but a little more effort looks to have been put in to make a futuristic outfit. The look of the film overall, I have no idea what to say here (I'm not an expert film maker or anything, don't forget) but it looks very clear and well shot?

Overall - I'm looking forward to the film, I think with all the technology we have now, the film will be what they wanted the original to be. I wish Joel Kinnaman good luck and, if he plays well in this, I hope to see him in a lot more productions. As for the other big name actors, I don't suppose they'd have gotten involved if they didn't have faith - I hope this film does your careers proud. I will definitely watch this film as soon as I'm able, and hopefully we'll have a review to sit in my main section.

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