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Music is something the combination of notes of guitar, drums , flute and all other instruments which can be use for making different sounds. Today we see music industries are increasing each day and there are proper classes for the music newbies who know nothing about to play with music instruments and to sing and do all other music activities.


This blog is basically about the versatile working of X-Factor to mature the music industry and to give opportunities to the new singers of the 21st century. I am just the fames of the judges who show their experiences in such shows. I saw many youth have such an extreme level of talent but were never motivated before this show and I saw them showing their versatility in such shows.


This show contains 3 to 4 numbers of judges who judges the performances of the new youth and then tell them about their performances and just like this all the young generation is guided and motivated and we see everyday a lot of famous examples from such shows one of them is the team of "One Direction" and much more.




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Written by Zeeshan Khan

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