Ronaldo does not speak to the press until the end of time

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After the meeting ended with the victory of Schalke 04 over Real Madrid 4-3 Cristiano Ronaldo was not in a good mood at a meeting where he scored two goals and became the best European scorer.

According announced the journalist Nacho Aranda, while issuing the "Canal +", Cristiano Ronaldo left the mixed zone to say that will talk more before the media by the end of the season.

The statement that surprised everyone and took place minutes after Cristiano Ronaldo leave the pitch. It is speculated that the Portuguese international has uttered these words after the team was whistled for associative mass of the club "merengue".

At the time, Cristiano Ronaldo spoke with the French Benzema and uttered the words "a shame, a shame" facing his team-mate.

According to the newspaper "The", there are two hypotheses that explain the advanced words: or Ronaldo was to complain about the game he and his team were doing or was upset with the attitude of the fans.

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