Ruins of Great Zimbabwe (Poem)

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Ruins of Great Zimbabwe

An archaeologist digs in the ruins;

Finding a thing or two;

Rallying when they find something; 

In the ruins of Great Zimbabwe;

Clawing, digging, for the treasure that lay beneath;

All of them knew of the palaces and gold;

None of them knew of the ancient cultures that still linger;

Still buried beneath the rubble.




I chose to write a poem about Zimbabwe because I have a strong passion in learning about ancient civilizations. The ancient civilization of Zimbabwe was very intriguing for me to research. For example, their people didn’t have a form of writing, so they only memorized information. Also, their walls were so strong that a knife couldn’t go through it. They had to make the walls so solid in order to protect their kings, who were incredibly wealthy, which I included in my poem. Also, the walls had no mortar joining them. The archeologists found artifacts such as soapstone figurines, pottery, and gold bracelets.

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