Sailing On Dreams of You

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Sailing On Dreams of You...



I searched long,
and I struggled endlessly
for a dream.
The dream seemed impossible,
so far away...
At times I thought I'd
never find it.
But it arrived suddenly.
And it was far better than
I could have ever imagined--
only it was not what I'd expected.
For how was I to know that
I'd find my dream in you?
The dream is not about fame or fortune,
and it's not about power or success;
the dream arrived via the heart,
built out of emotion
and borne of love.
The dream is as pure as a dove
circling heaven,
and it's blessed by legions of angels;
it's an awakening of the soul,
bringing me closer to God,
and making me see the goodness
in all things.
Now I feel complete at last,
and through the strength you've given me,
I feel as if I can accomplish anything.
Now I'm sailing on these dreams of you.
There's nothing in life that I'd rather do,
than dedicate my heart and soul
to a lifetime of loving you.

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