Saturday Night

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It is Saturday night and I am unsure what we should do. There are fireworks happening near me in the next village but I have no idea what time they are and do not want to be hanging around for ages in the dark and cold. I may go and have a peak with our children as my boyfriend does not want to go out.

I remember when I used to go out every weekend to the cinema to see the latest films or to Bingo to win a few pounds. Life after/with children is a lot different. I now have to battle with getting them ready and finding lost shoes whilst trying to find my own car keys.They take hours to get ready and by the time i get there I wish I had stayed at home. I may just sit here for a bit longer instead, and wait for Dr Who. I have not seen last weeks yet as want to watch them one before the other as I have little patience if an episode is good to have to wait for the second part.

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