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NY Photographer, Sara Levin and I were chatting at the 2013 World Team Trials about the difference between the “Save” Olympic Wrestling and “Keep” Olympic Wrestling. 

Looking at it from a business perspective there are two different campaigns associated with the verbs.  At one point, while creating a poster for Women’s Wrestling, I was loyal to one entity and used their terminology to appease them.  However, we had the artist do both “Keep” and “Save”.

Here’s my opinion on the subject.  To me…if you “keep” wrestling means to retain possession of it, to delay or detain (keep from), or to hold in a certain position.  When I hear “save” wrestling, it means, to me, to rescue something from dying or danger, to preserve, or to provide a solution.

I’m due in three weeks now and right around that time will be the announcement of whether the Women’s Wrestling community will receive more weight classes in the Olympic Games.  The rumor is two and I’m curious to see which ones and for which Olympics (Rio 2016, fingers crossed).  Between the birth of my daughter and the prospect of competing consistently at my natural body composition...I am electric with excitement.  Regardless, my life will forever be changed.

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