Scary Story #5 - "The Drive-By" (Read if you Dare)

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We were camping once, driving through some city, my dad was driving, my mom on the passenger seat, and I was kneeling behind them leaning on the boot that separated the truck from the camper. It was evening, not full dark. We weren't really talking and my mom was looking out her window when she screams, "Oh, God. Oh, my God. Gene? Do you see it?"

My dad says, 'Yeah. I do. I'm going to slow down and let them by."

He slowed and the car on the right passed us. I couldn't see inside, but their window was down and the arm hanging out the window looked to be that of someone impossibly thin.

I asked my mom what she saw, and she said it was nothing. My dad backed her up.

Years later, I asked them about it again.

My mom said, "It was a skeleton. It was no mask, because you could see through the jaws. It had a tongue and eyes. It was Death."

My dad backed her up but years later (after my Mom was dead) recanted, saying it was a mask because nothing could survive like that.

Hope you enjoyed and got scared with the story. :) I'll be posting more scary stories soon, so stay tuned. :)

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