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Bees buzz because their wings create wind vibrations we can hear. Larger bees have slower wing beats and therefore lower-pitched buzzes. Certain bees, such as bumblebees, also vibrate their wings and midsections to shake pollen off flowers and onto their bodies.




A day on mercury Lasts 59 Earth days, yet the planet’s year lasts just 88 Earth days. Being so close to the sun, its daytime temperatures can go up to about 800 degrees Fahrenheit. However, since it has so little atmosphere, nighttime temperatures can drop to around -275.




Why does the same food smell great to you and gross to your friend?? Studies show that about 400 individual genes control smell receptors, and there are nearly a million variations of those genes. Since not everyone’s receptors work the same one odor can trigger many reactions.



The world’s longest-running lab experiment, designed to show that pitch is not a solid but a very thick liquid. Begun in 1927 at Australia’s University of Queensland, It’s so far yielded nine drops- but nobody has actually seen one fall.


Animals known as ruminants have complex stomachs to help them digest food.Cattle, sheep and goat stomachs have three but some animals including the platypus and many fish, such as carp have no stomach at all.

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