Secret of real Happiness rick

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I know each one of us is longing to be happy all the time. Though we are facing different challenges in life daily we still have that burning desire to be happy. This is the reason why we strive a lot to achieve that happiness. We spend time gaining much money, because we think that it's the only way we shall be satisfied. We think that money can give us happiness. With this we strive daily to earn more and more. But we end up greatly disappointed. We think that money can give us real happiness, but the truth is that it can not give us the real happiness we are longing for.


Who then can give us real happiness? The scripture is telling us that if we want to be happy we have to come to our Savior and friend, Jesus. He is the only one who can give us that happiness we are longing for. There is no other  like him. He give can give us the desires of our hearts. We can assure that He will hear us whenever we call upon his name. So, trust in His name. There is no other way to be happy but to trust in Jesus and accept him as our personal Savior.

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