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Select husband

A lot of people say I'm picky, yeah right. Get married is the most difficult for a woman, so why not be picky? Do not be so lonely in love with the wrong person, the wrong should not because you love someone who does not even believe anyone.


Life is colorful and love so well. Love and marriage merely consider the relationship seriously in love, they have a common starting point and the destination is identical to marry and build a happy family. No one has the right to assess their starting point is right or wrong, but the results people see the final destination is still possible to build a happy family or not?

Once upon a time, a woman needs is to get yourself a husband to that reliance. 1 Standards of popular husband often like a giant tree can fend shielding and ensures financial and futures. These women often marry so soon as they find a husband to support and sometimes simply do not need to rely on emotion, love, for they just fit. And they live a life of calm can say is if that sacrifice and good luck if you get good husband called her husband. And vice versa, they just become a tool surrogacy, sinusoidal cells, or an ornament is stored in a glass case.

When life more civilized, modern women have their minds completely independent, with them, to build a happy family, to build up a platform that matter, think and formula. They want economic enough to buy what they like, to travel where they want without having to depend men, they tend to belong to her personality and marrying later. They absorbed pursuits, passions, and do not want to depend. While the man's ego makes them want to get dependent on their women, but the dependence on women personality often does not exist.
In rural areas, boys and girls often marry very soon, maybe even underage minors. There are married couples love each other too, have married couples as "married doctor said," including the double for 2 family parties promise. And among them, there are rarely economically independent, they rely on family, they live together with their families, relying on mental and physical, they conceived birth parents, married for children and grandchildren of grandparents, the grandparents have to worry.

There are many college friends asked me that, many old stars are unmarried, not afraid of aging and dull, huh? Actually chuckled also, people thought I only old, I was not overly confident, but absorbed in making money, living engrossed, engrossed in trying, I also forgot almost 30, and I still feel young. Actually, that said, when my family also conditions your family, I might as well get married after graduating from college, only then can the conditions. Just get married have children, then parents take care. Lo unfit for his job, take care to buy milk for her child, even take care homes. Can not be due to poverty or because his personality, which inherently do not like depending on other people, including her husband.

In the past, the little girl has the right to choose their beloved, often parents decide who satisfied them, want to date a guy or learn something, they would not even dare to date because many of due. Fearing scandal, her parents fear, fear of being lied to all problems should they seek to secure parts. The other girls now, they understand the right to choose the most noble husband is right, even to reach every corner, every field to know more about the intellectual and human. They give themselves a chance to learn dating someone they like, like what's not to love. Also dating, also coffee, watching movies or chatting. Of course in the process of understanding, they found not a half of each other, and they stopped. That is an extremely intelligent solutions, not indecent or they hang out. That's not too childish to think that, just holding hands 9 months after the baby is born. Nor gi sin if someone likes or opportunities for people to wrongdoing in a moral or legal.

You like ten girls, you spend time dating, meet and you find it unsuitable - you stop is more naturally. Was it known that emotions are mistaken, but the most emotional time of loneliness or social opinions that try to love? With the earth, like the 100, pick 10, love 10 but select 1 Talk is talk like that, but where where I love so much spare time was right for a career lo, lo rice rice shirt money. In the process of understanding, not feeling right, not emotions, stop immediately, stop your relationship is good, there is no turning hybrid capital position. There are some people with myopic vision of life, they often evaluate others through our ordinary way of understanding ourselves. They said that as the police department daughters as peace, that only happens when this girl because when his luck can not live independently with their own choice, not independent of your life to live for where do they get their happiness.

A lot of people say I'm picky, yeah right. Get married is the most difficult for a woman, so why not be picky?
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Often, her married life would be like to an entirely new page, there can be heaven, hell sometimes. Although that does not know how tomorrow will be, but the better choice is not to be missed. Because happiness is what is perhaps most important, it is our only motivation to endure many hardships difficult problems in life. For a moment or stumble desperately, looking at the purpose and happiness that strive to overcome. So to select her husband to live so happy.

Sometimes it tells your heart, not soft, not so lonely receive love and serve other people associate bow easily because sometimes in life, at a certain moment of weakness for the wrong idea, or can blindly put foot. Of course there will come a time when by yourself tired, tired of the war detractors, mouth bitter life but they are still there in pride and never allow yourself to fall.

Do not be so lonely in love with the wrong person, the wrong should not because you love someone who does not even believe anyone.

Let yourself live, what they like. How long is birth right of your indifference.

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