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Chromatography is a technique which is used for the separation of different colors, compounds and chemicals. In this process  a strip is used first of all, take the solution in which different colors of ink mixed together in a beaker.

Underline the strip through the pencil and hang through the stand on the beaker. In this way, the one end of the strip is dipped into the solution.after 3 to 4 hours the solution will move on the surface of the strip.In this way, the color will be separated out having a small distance.

Then removed the strip and dried. The precautions that must doing during the practical are, use clean and dry beakers. Before practical the beaker should washed with distilled water.

The strip will hang in the solution with the help of hook. During practical large beaker or cylinder will be used. Chromatography is very useful technique because due to this we can separate the components of liquid mixtures. This technique is not only used in laboratories but also used in industrial scale.

In laboratory it is used to separate different chemicals like a acetone, concentrated hydrochloric acid and concentrated sulfuric acid. In industries, it is used to separate the different colors component especially in textile industries

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