Seperate Province

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Finally, "Mukti Bahini" of MQM has demanded a "separate province", read separate country, for Altaf & his gangs. heading towards civil war. 

Withdrawal of case against Altaf in London, resignations from Sindh, AJK govt, demand for separate province -- preamble for declaring war! Altaf should learn from the fate of Mujeeb. He was used by RAW KGB to break Pakistan, then assassinated like a rat. Same fate awaits Altaf.

I see identical language & demands between Mujeeb & Altaf - both useful idiots of RAW & foreign secret services to harm Pakistan. 

"Time to turn the heat on Pakistan", former Indian HC to Pakistan, PARTHASARATHY's advice to Modi. Modi is sensing blood as Pak already bleeds. Beware!

For Pak army and patriots, this is time to load guns ! Those who made fun of us for years, will taste the blood of their own loved ones at the hands of Kuffar, Khawarij and Munafiqeen. 

Ya Allah khair....

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