sick man experiment (creepy pasta)

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I came across another strange experiment which took place in 1995, this experiment had been hidden and I couldn't find much materiel or scientific papers but only through word of mouth. Diseases bacteria and not forgetting viruses have been with mankind through out the ages, with countless deaths and misery it has been an on going war. As humanity learned and became wiser with being clean and break through scientific research, humanity had been able to fight back.

Though misery and disease are still with us and even new viruses have come about to wreck havoc, in 1995 a new crazy idea came about from a make researching doctor which sounded impossible and outrageous even. You see this researching doctor had this thought that instead of always for the body to have an on going war with viruses and bacteria's, why why can't the body just allow them to live up to a minimum and make a deal of some sort to help each other. In nin-scientific terms its like when immigrants come to a certain country and the country adapts and accepts thier culture in a democratical state, so our body and whatever bacterial or viral immigrant that goes into your body; you body will simply adapt to it and the bacteria and viruses will also adapt to the body and both not harming anything but can live to a minimum and to a maximum limit. Bacteria's and viruses are living creatures themselves and we humans ourselves can be seen as bacteria or a virus to planet earth with all the destruction we have caused over the years. So this democratical relationship with the body and bacteria's, diseases and viruses was being talked about instead of war and fighting with each other.

Now the body has a mind of its own same with all organisms that live on this planet, without that instinctive hard working mind we would not function. A powerful drug was created by the hard working research doctor to make the mind of the body recognise other small creatures which are bacteria's, viruse's and any other and vice versa. They will live peacefully, well that's what the research doctor hoped.

There was no information as to which person was experimented on and was given the drug and viruses and bacteria's were injected into him and an hour later, the man was smiling and was healthy with many bacteria's and viruses within him, his body and the viruses and bacteria's made a respectful mutual bond between them and were working together so all could be winners. The person they had experimented this on, was completely healthy and looked healthier than ever.

Then he went pale a week later and the research doctor was frightened that he had failed, but when they tested him, even the man had all sorts of bacteria's and viruses; they found it was nothing to do with the viruses or bacteria's, in all essence science could not determine what went wrong, but he was healthy by thier standard.

Weeks went by and the man they experimented on went even more pale and his eyes turned black, his voice went deep and they then came to the realisation that it was nothing to do with the bacteria's or viruse's or any other, it was completely something outside of science. He was conducted as being possessed by something, at first they were sceptical but nothing of science could detect anything, his body was healthy. If his body allowed bacteria's and viruses, maybe it allowed other negative forces outside of this world like spirits and demons but this time the body couldn't deal with it.

The man suffered and suffered until he eventually died and the experiment was over. He didn't die of any disease or virus infection but possession


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