Significance day Mid-Autumn Festival in vietnam

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Chinese new year is the time between the fall, the time Asians harvested and prepared to open the season brought the full moon festivities Eight wins in jubilation, joy and

On this occasion, people buy moon cakes, tea, wine to ancestors in the evening when the full moon just rising. Also on this day, people donated for grandparents, parents, teachers, friends, relatives and other benefactors mooncake, fruits, tea and wine. The Chinese dragon dance is usually held on the occasion of Mid-Autumn, and the Vietnamese lion dance or dragon dance. Child Lan symbolizes luck, prosperity and auspiciousness to every home ... In ancient times, Vietnamese people still sing Drum Corps institutions in the Middle Autumn festival

This day is an occasion not only for children to play, breaking deck, there is a chance for people to predict the harvest moon and national destiny. If the moon is yellow-year revenue will hit the silk season, if blue moon or record collection, the year that will be a disaster, and if the moon is bright orange collection will prosper. This is an opportunity to communicate our love for each other, along with the Mid-Autumn greeting meaning most, or least.

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