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My tour with Sinnside is finally over after a month of non-stop travelling. Right now we just got another Official Selection at Fantec, Chile, but given that I´m not attending the festival I´ve been focused, together with Nicolás Castelló, on finishing Sinnside´s DVD. I think it looks beautiful!

Nic is very good at doing this stuff (together with his skills as director´s assistant, his role in my projects) and he created the whole menu etc. Given that Sinnside has so many extra footage shot we were able to fill the DVD with many contents (shortfilm+40 minutes of extra footage etc). Let´s take a look to its features!

The menu design has been taken from Vualá Design´s menu in the short film. Even the pressbook has this format, and we thought it was one of the main symbols of the film, so we followed that look on the DVD.

Two frames of Sinnside were the real menu appears

After the two trailers we did for Sinnside comes the music video segment with "Angels with no name", the song written by Alberto Sánchez and myself, performed by Olaya Alcázar. It features the song and its making of. The third feature is Shooting Sinnside, the little webserie of how Sinnside was shot, by Javier Tatay and Claudia Marconell.

Next feature are three different making of clips about Sinnside´s special and visual effects. The short film has plenty of them and some quite shocking, so we decided to show our secrets to the audience. José Rodríguez, Charli Soler and David Chapanoff are the masterminds behind them, and each video features their work in Sinnside. This is one of the most interesting features of the DVD.

Something that can´t be missing in a DVD are the bloopers! Given that in Sinnside we were shooting with 8 little kids the jokes, games and crazy stuff were present all the time. This was one of the reasons why I chose to create the whole soundtrack in postproduction with Jose Luis Canalejo, because it was going to be impossible to keep so many children quiet on set. He did an awesome work, it´s so cool when you feel the audience so connected to the film because of the sound and the music by Isabel Latorre.

The feature festivals includes the videos of Sinnside´s different presentations at Sitges, Donosti or MadTerror and photo gallery contains a lot of pictures of the shooting and the movie by Natxo Martínez and Claudia Marconell (the pictures for the DVD´s menu are theirs as well).

So this is the DVD! As avid consumers of movies we always wanted them to be a little bit like this one, showing what´s going in front and behind the camera with enthusiasm and many contents that can be attractive for the viewer (even if he is into audiovisuals or not).

We still don´t know if we are going to sell it in a future but I will keep you updated with everything, as usual!

See you in the next blog!

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