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It was midnight when I woke up out of fear, I could not breath, my heart was beating so fast that I could clearly hear its pumping, my whole body was shivering and was completely wet as if I have showered and neither my mind was calm, I was really worried,….. worried about the dreams which I had repeatedly in past few days , I couldn’t remember the dreams but seriously it was a horrible feeling , my mind was busy , worried … continuously I was praying that please Almighty Allah keep everyone safe and healthy and hoped for everything to be okay .

Thousands miles away from my homeland, my beloved family and sweet friends, although my heart was aching and making me feel that something has happened, I was trying to make myself calm and think that everything is fine, I was repeating with myself “don’t worry it was just a dream and they always occur when you are in tension, nothing more…they are not true at all”

Despite of all that positive words I had a very bad time for more than a week , I was depressed, didn’t had mood for anything, many times tried to call home and ask what is going on and if everyone is fine but couldn’t, didn’t had the courage to ask …. I was scared of hearing if something was wrong … The season changed and by changing the season I came out of depression, I made myself understand not to worry about the small and useless things…

When I was back to my homeland I was excited of meeting everyone specially my grandfather  whom i missed a lot and as a tradition had to go for a visit to my grandfather’s home first because he was the eldest member of the family, that morning I was about to ask my mom to go with me, before I ask she told me about my grandfather that he has passed away, I was not there anymore, my tears started falling like anything, how can that happen, since long time i was waiting to meet him and now he was not there any more…. I was remembering his face, his voice the moments we spend to gather … and the last time I met him

I was not believing in sixth sense, which others were telling “you will get to know or feel about the things which are happening or will happen in the future “. But I never believed, I was thinking no one knows about the future so how can they feel it??? May be some times when things changes around and someone had told about it they got the idea that humans have the sixth sense (feeling to know about the events going to happen)… and now I do believe that we get the feelings about the things happening … I passed that days being depressed and didn’t know the reason but now I know that it was exactly the days which i lost him, I had the feeling that something was wrong without knowing the real fact … May his soul rest in peace….

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