Sketching, preparing: Sinnside (part 2)

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When I create a new project, there´s always a big care on who is going to create the graphics, the teasers, who´s going to work on the art department, the fashion, visual effects etc.

This is Sinnside´s first official teaser poster, created by Hugo Saláis . Drawn by hand, the colors, images and meanings show perfectly they style of the movie: elegant, full of mistery and horror.

The second teaser will have a one-liner sentence, such as this example we are working on:

"World´s top restaurant on serving... your soul"

Francisco Sánchez has done a huge work for Sinnside, he was in charge of the concept art pictures during the creative process + he did an amazing job with the story-board. Character´s expressions and actions seem to come out from the paper into real life!

He made my job so easy with his art.

In the previous post I presented José Vivó, who is in charge of the kids´ costumes. In addition to him, Dragomir Krasimirov is in charge of the adult characters´stylism, but I´ll post them in upcoming entries, we haven´t shot any session with them yet. Sorry!

For the special effects department we´ve got three professional artists:

-David Chapanoff for the practical effects-prosthetics-make up. The effects in Sinnside are harder than the ones in Llagas.

-Charli Soler, who is in charge of the visual effects that involve human skin, for example making this eye like if the actor was blind.

-José Rodríguez, 3D artist who is in charge of a very special sequence... which for now I won´t reveal.

-And last but not least! Antonio Pacheco will create a hand-animated sequence for the film!

On the next post I´ll explain to you the art section of Sinnside, which is very important and has been created by María Jesús Tarazona and Arancha Rodríguez, from Vualá Design with the sponsorship of Mala Vida wine, Sweetie Cakes and, of course, La Matandeta Restaurant, the place where Sinnside mostly takes place!


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