Sluggish Playing of Bitlanders Video

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Have you noticed that our videos here are loading slowly? I have noticed this a few days back, whenever I would play a video I had uploaded or even other users' had uploaded, it's taking some time to play it. I had actually tried checking the exact time it needs to play it and that's two minutes minimum. I was in my province in Bohol when I noticed this so I thought it might be the internet connection. Everything loads perfectly except that video where in I would be waiting for that black loading screen with the blue loading logo but you know it is just different when videos load easily because we tend to just give up on it when the video takes time to open up. Two minutes of waiting is a very long time.

Now there was this recent interview with Francesco, the owner of Bitlanders that was published through a blog by Coin_Brief and when I checked on the video, it was hosted by YouTube. It played the video instantly!

So I had concluded that this is maybe an issue with Bitlanders' or let say FilmAnnex's server perhaps?

Let me know if you are also having the same sluggishness in terms of video playing.

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