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Man is a social animal. He can’t live at his own. He cannot lead a life all alone. You are blessed to have a family whop take care of you. Having a place to go is a home, to love someone is family. A man’s social life, a part from his family is very important. Where you live where you live where you move around. Your friends matter, your social circle matters a lot. Aside family your social circle means trust, love, communication and being together, sharing, understanding, listening and caring. A well functioning social circle is a microcosm of your society, it matters a lot the more you move around with you friends, the more you learn about them. Social life matters a lot in making things simpler for us. We spend time more with our friends rather than our families. A man is known by the company he keeps, so your social circle matters a lot.

You can’t live with our friends, you can’t live without family, both are necessary, both are necessary, one is night and other is day. Both are interlinked. No matter what you do, where do you live, and which ever  relationship you are in, you just have to carry a sense of trust and honor with others. Along with ability to compromise on areas of disagreement there should be matters about where you share your happiness, your problems, your worries, and your issues. Social life makes a man, social animal, and the choice of company matters.
One must be social. One must interact with people. To survive in the society one must be social.
It is also good for grooming.  To be creative you have to be social. Technology has destroyed social life of individuals, people now prefer to spend their time inside their homes rather than visiting their friends.  


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