Social Workers, Activites and its various Forms

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Man is a social animal. He cannot live alone. He needs other people around him. These people create a society. All of us are member of human society. We depend upon each other and need help of each other in every sphere of lice. Everyone has his own duties and responsibilities. We get something from others and in return give something to them.

In society there many services performed by many people for example doctors, engineers, teacher, writers’ scavenger etc.


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Every profession is important. It is beyond the capacity of a single person to perform all the duties. That’s why duties are divided. Everyone does work according to his own inclinations and temperaments. This creates social balance. The society or in fact the whole world will be beautiful of everyone perform his duty sincerely.


Social Workers are as Real Heroes:


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Here I have searched a video of TedX, I hope you would like to watch it.

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Teacher is the most important pillar of society. He is responsible for molding the character of future generation. He builds nations.

Writers influence society through their writings. He also builds morality of the nation. Doctors are also very important. They make the nation healthy, so that he may be able to serve the country.

We cannot imagine a healthy society without a single profession. What would happen if scavengers struck? We would suffer many health problems. However humble his role may be but it is important. Similarly can we keep a healthy society if members of municipality don’t do their work? No we cannot survive without them.


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Every profession is respectable and performs a role in building society. Society works like a clock. Its tiniest part should work property for its running. If a small part refused to do its work. The clock would not tell roper time. So everyone should do his allotted work in best way. We should work co-operatively to make a beautiful society. If we perform our work sincerely and also helps others then our society and in fact our country will make progress.


Various Forms of Social Workers:


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Basically we all are Social Workers in our lives, like, Doctor, Teacher, Nurse, Soldiers etc.


What is social work? Children and families

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Doctor is a very respected and responsible passion of our society. Each and every person of us, whenever we get illness, we think that we will get a prescription form doctor and after getting this medicine we will get recover. Basically behind this thought there is believed which forced us to think such like this that it will be useful for us to go to the doctor for checkup and get medicine.

Now the question is how the doctor is social worker?

Answer is very simple, If doctor will not checkup properly, he/she can’t identify the problem or disease, So this is his/her mercy to us, that he checkup properly and doing his/her job perfectly.


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My Next Social Worker is a Teacher.

Yes of course the teacher is also a well social worker. Although the Government or Semi Government pays some salary to the teachers. But without the attention of teacher no student can be well educated. So I think this is a great mercy of any teacher to our society that they are teaching our children very well and honestly.


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A Nurse is a real heroine of our society. We can see in hospitals that without nurse we cannot look after our patients in right way. She attends our patient 24/7 hours. It does not any matter for them that the patient from which country,  religion, colour etc. The nurses are assists all patients equally and care them perfectly.


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My Last and very important Social Worker is Soldiers.

By Mr. Wikipedia “ A Soldier is one who fights as part of an organized, land-based armed force. A soldier can be an enlisted person, a non-commissioned officer or an officer.


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That means a soldier always lives for others. Their lives are only for to protect our or our children’s lives. So I think they are a real social worker, because the income which they get from government is much less than their lives. I mean to say that their lives are not a selling thing. They have sacrificed their lives for their country and country people. So we should respect them and should place them as a great social worker.

In the ending of my blog, I would like to say that we all are a social worker, some of us are good social workers and some of us are not good social worker. We call should care our duties and should fulfill them honestly then this world can be a better place to live and I hope there will be no place remains for battles or fights.



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