Sorry for poor video & The Buffering Release Date

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A few days ago I uploaded a video to my YouTube channel, it was Talk episode 1.  I watched it today and saw that it had no audio!  So I immediately took it down... Don't worry, I will put it back up, but as members of the community I just wanted to let everyone know.  If the video had audio and I'm just crazy please let me know.  Everyone can email me anytime at  Again sorry for the video troubles.  On a lighter note, we have finished the screenplay for The Buffering and we will begin filming this Friday.  If anyone has any suggestions for upcoming videos or anything you would just like to see feel free to comment or email me.  Lastly, we have been working on a new video series!  Called Blackout.  This will revolve around the story of another inmate who escaped during the original Blackout riots.  This series will shed light on an actual story for the original and be (hopefully) more entertaining.  Thank you all again for keeping with the channel, and I promise to bring more content every week.  Additionally I will release full updates like this one every week.... STAY TUNED!!!!! 


Our Next Video: Talk Ep 2, Monday September 7th

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