spiritual methods

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Knows the army of your Lord'. There are armed soldiers in soul.
Their real nature is not known and nobody knows their number
except He. Soul has got two armies. One army can be seen by the
external eye and another army cannot be seen except by the
internal. These two armies are necessary for upkeep of the
dominion of this king. Courtiers, servants, helpers, etc. are the
armies of the king which can bee seen by the external eyes.
Similarly, hands, feet, eyes, ears, tongue and other outward and
inward organs are the armies of soul. They are all servants of soul
which rules over them. They have been created to obey them.
They cannot go against soul. When the soul orders the eyes to
open, they open. When it orders the feet to walk, they walk. Their
submission is like that of angels of God. The angels have been
created to obey God and they cannot go against Him. These
armies are necessary for soul for its journey to God, as
conveyance and food are necessary for body. It has to cross many
stations to meet Him for which it has been created. God says: I
have not created Jinn and man but that they should worship
Me-51:56. Body is the conveyance or carrier of soul and its food is
knowledge. In order that it can acquire its food, the ingredients
which are necessary are goods deeds. To reach God is impossible