Start, Fred Astaire, Hillow, Go Be My Buddy

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Little spin on the chart box, alas: I hate losing.

Alan isn't much of an athlete. Sudden personality shift sans explanation. My homies know what's best for them. Filters in place, a shuttle of fear, shufflin round Lemure with practice boxing motivations, how we get that truck with a bonus, how we strike for his excellency.

I know this kid who looks exactly like Bryan Singer - identical - even with the spit-curl. I only wish I might feel his type of number. Mound in middle o the circle, pierce the veil as a sorted tough/increased speed with a marathon of the MATLOCK two-parters. J.B. be so proud, Philip in the ground, them ladies listening/judging corners of the story. Tell me what's wrong with that health statement. Alabaster stereo city, I gotta know.

Finish n go, Cardinal, drawin room to your left: cliff, get my girlfriend to join, she's so adventurous - which serves no advancement, which has me wheelin on girl with ball dissolved against her skin. m humbled by a need for observation. Observational science thusly has the queen pickin at her chin. It's a clear smell of spice, no synchronicity to any specialty consumed; sheddin Jacket Man in kindness, in layers, repeated; no one wants to compromise.

Slip gets me with blackjack. Assumed garbage 'or didn't you know?' Tish-tish when least expected, Philip on blades, on flash, on discomfort - which is what has Eleanor seein ghosts in smoke - years off from Lyndon J. or a loan. I know you're ticked, I know that's how it'd be television.

Been subdued with a push o air. Specifically, no one to invite. Pharaohs in my tears, write ride not far off, I was on a bus and the guys where all buzzed by application of Mother, with me now confiding to you that I was confused. I couldn't know who she was. Meta cult, go for a tune, breathe out a little, go in a whistle.

Tat had me on juice. Squished between index/thumb/spite and gestured twice during speed-away...

m all about the tap. Get an idea that the door is thinner than was suspected. Get an idea that certain individuals should work for free. d float this in my ad, no question of ethics. Hum it. Got plenty of examples for wholesome habitat, plenty o chicks for what uka say. Did a lot o improvisin.

Always get dem thumps in mounds o flesh. Philip is most informed by change. No secret that intellectuals crash in a headache. Go for something they push in on their teeth. Laundromat with pied _____ still fresh in my mind, everything East Hollywood with all my regrets, how tight I was to fear and aggression. Try to get it all in One, keeper o sad acoustics, see our ally age a bit.

She's gonna slap me. It was strung ahead of this outlet post. Unpopular til we get to the end, could be anywhere, Philip's wife is droopin at hamburger stand deluxe. Our troubles ruminate knowin the night is long.   

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