Steam power station (thermal station)

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A steam power station as a bascally work on its rankine cycle.steam produced the boilr with combustion of coal of heat.steam expanded use the prime mover like as steam turbine.and the condensed in a condenser to fed heat in to boiler again.the steam turbine which convert the mechanical energy of the turbine in to electrical energy


fuel used is quite cheap like as coal

less cost is compared in to other generating plant

plant installed at any place to produced

coal can be traspored in to the plant by use the rail and road

less space required to plant installed

very low cost to installed the plant


pollutes the atmosphere due to the large amount of smoke and poision waste

choice of the site for steam power stations

supply of fuel

steam power staion located in to the near of coal mines.transportation cost are fuel of minimum.plant do not be instaled where coal is not available.

avaliability of water

plant should be instaled in this place the large amount of water is available.plant should be instaled in the located near the bank of river or a canal to the continuous supply of water.

near the load center

reduce the trasmission losses or cost the plant should be instaled the plant near load center

cost and type of land

choose the land for plant the land is cheap and hard land do not use soft and same thor land

distance form populated area

very large amount of coal burn in a steam power station the smoke and fumes surdounding the populeted areas thesteam power station should be installed  far away form the popluted ares.

 When we have the 45% Electricity Produced The Steam power Station Steam power station are produced electricity cost very low.

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