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Steganography is amazingly interesting. To think that in a picture you look at that seems totally normal could have a message in there intended for someone to see and it will most likely only be the intended person to open it because not many people are going to check every picture they come across in special software to see if it holds a message. However, can you imagine stumbling across a message in a picture that was not intended for you, maybe secret intelligence, illegal business or something you have no clue what means what all you will do it research it until you find it's true meaning, it would be amazing. 

Another factor I think is interesting though is the fact that there could be messages in books. Who is to say there isn't a message in the book you last read. Maybe there was a children's book created simply because it was the easiest to make and develop but also because who would suspect a message in a children's book? 

It is said that Shakespeare even used steganography to contain messages in his books.

An example of a message going be as below. This text is terrible and but it's purely to show the method.

"Beneath the salty seas of the world. Lies a plane seeking to be found. Ongoing for decades being drowned by the bermuda's triangular force. Going was foolish."

So in this example you would look at each upper case letter and that would give you the word, which in this case is "BLOG".

I am just very interested by the fact there are things out there that are right in front of us but we fail to see but if we did spot them, it could possibly be life changing, or it would definitely be an amazing story to tell to your friends and on social media, i'm sure it would get a lot of attention.

I recently saw a poem write by a girl and when read it sounds very depressing and sad but if you read it line by line from bottom to top, then it's transformed into a very happy poem. I find it truly amazing.


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