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I am about to rant so stop reading if you dont care: I am so tired of hearing rappers and people who quote rappers using metaphors and similes that dont make any damn sense. If you dont know how to write, and you cant use the devices correctly dont do it. I leave you with an example of the lyrics i speak of "I feel like money, they are attracted to me, They come around like Honey, Cause Im fly like a bee, I got em all buzzin' " first off whoever wrote this, shoot yourself. Second, Come around like honey? Honey doesnt fucking come around, its made by bees, it doesnt just show up at the bees house like " Yo, whats up, I heard you are fly so i decided to come by.." WTF, and you deafly ignore the ignorance of the main part of this song to hear a sample by J.R. where he is taking the hook from a already remixed nu shooz song. I apologize for this rant, but just holy crap, I cant hardly take it anymore, your entertainers arent trying, they dont care about you. Stop giving them MONEY. thank you, My rant is over.

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