Storytelling - Bitcoin In Its Early Days

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Source: IamSatoshi

In January 2011, Mark Edge had a very profitable lunch. He received an email from one of his show’s, amp’s, inviting him to a Bitcoin lunch at the local Thai. The show’s supporter was Gavin Andresen, who insisted to pay half of the tab in Bitcoins (to Mark who picked it up). The sum was $9, which at the time equalled BTC36 ($4200 ATTOW). As part of my research documentary, IamSatoshi, I had a very enjoyable conversation with Mark (selected video bits bellow), who shared more Bitcoin related stories. Mark talked about accepting Bitcoins as advertising payments for his show, and how Roger Ver (another show supporter - interview below), may actually be the one responsible for that. Roger, apparently, heard of Bitcoin on the show post the profitable (BTC36), lunch. Mark believes that the Bitcoin project can help free the world. ‘It can dis-empower governmental organizations from waging wars they do not have to pay for.’

Roger Ver:

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