Strict security masseurs for Sochi Olympic in Russia

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Russia’s government has started the biggest military operation just a month before Sochi Olympic in the history of Olympic in order to assume security.


Security officials appointed more than 30 thousands police officers to secure the area and limit the area to the player only.


The big challenge against the Olympic security is the qafqaz islamists and the key person of the insurgent is under control of the Russia’s security forces because, he told to his followers to target the Russia’s winter Olympic.


Two suicide attacks in Volgograd city which killed at least 35 people had raised serious concern about the next Olympic. Wiled mir pochecof minister of the incident in Russia while explaining the security situation he said the police deployed for the Olympic they are ready to assume security for the upcoming Olympic.


The official said that they have looking for the players and audience lives and will welcome to all the people joining the Olympic will be saved and secured.  


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