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it is no longer necessary to struggle toward higher states of self realization.
The greatly expanded light on the Earth plane has opened many new portals to higher thinking you may now enter through awareness, intention and allowing. You may enter expanded states at will by simply setting the intention to do so and surrendering to the highest vibration you are able to access. Even brief experiences of peak consciousness transforms your existence by bringing you into greater communion with your higher self and opening your mind to new possibilities. One of the greatest breakthroughs of a heightened state of consciousness is the ability to perceive your existence across lifetimes - from the first flicker of life force within human form to the final dream of earthly existence. The entire history of your soul can be viewed from this place. Within this high vibration, you are able to access and interact with any "you" that exists anywhere in time. By bringing your entire arc of lifetimes into your conscious mind, you magnetize to you the gifts and understandings you have acquired across

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