Students cover bathroom mirrors with messages of self acceptance

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Students cover bathroom mirrors with messages of self acceptance

Students cover bathroom mirrors with messages of self acceptance You’re more than your reflection. (Picture: Facebook/Trinity Academy)

Because it’s not all about checking out your own reflection.

Students at Trinity Academy, a private Christian school in Kansas, have taken a creative approach to tackling our obsession with appearances, covering the mirrors in their school’s bathrooms with messages of body positivity.

The posters are filled with quotes, bible verses, and messages promoting self acceptance, encouraging students to step away from the mirror and think about all the stuff they have to offer, outside of their appearances.

‘Mirrors show us what we look like, not who we are,’ reads one.


The covered mirrors won’t be permanent, because people still need to check if there’s something in their teeth.

But the students hope that while the posters are up, the project will get people thinking about what they have to offer other than their appearances, and remind them that there are more important things than how they look.

mirrors are just glass and you are worth more than that
(Picture: Facebook/Trinity Academy)

One senior student, Hannah Hancock, told KWCH12: ‘We were trying to think of ideas of how we could serve the underclassmen and make the most impact.

‘As freshmen and sophomores, you’re trying to find your identity and who you are and we want them to find their identity in God and in Christ and not in a mirror and not what their outward appearance looks like.’

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