summer season

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Summer is the most trying season. It keeps man uneasy from dawn to dusk. As the day advances, the hat becomes more and still more un-bread able. The mowers go into the fields for cutting the grass and feed its keenness and get thirsty. The carter is seen driving his cart lazily over the road. The laborers leave off their work and take rest in the shades of the trees. The heat reaches in the climax at 12 noon.


Not only human beings, but birds and animals also pant, the thirst is so great that cup after cup of water disappear into the stomach and more is still required. The body prepares and one feels very restless. It is very difficult to walk in the sun; the heat is intense and light is blinding. Ponds and tanks dry up.


The sky appears copper-red and the earth under the feet is hardened. People wear light of heat. The condition of the bakers and cooks sitting by their ovens is pitiable. Blacksmiths are the worst sufferers at the hands of the hot weather. There is nothing that can soothe the eyes. Rich people pass the day under electric fans or in air-conditioned rooms.


Those who can afford, go to the hills because the heat of the plains is quite intolerable. Iced-milk, lemonade and such other cold drinks are much in demand. In this season, mornings and evening are cooler except in big cities. The nights are generally quite pleasant. Dust stoms are another feature of the hot weather. Sometimes they are very violent and dangerous, doing a lot of damage. 

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