Terrorism and Religion

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There have been many killings in the world and everybody used to call it as a murder and then it was given the name of terrorism. What is terrorism? It’s a question that nobody knows as the definition is different from every dynamic. Terrorism in your view might be a good action in my views; yes it’s happening throughout the world because we have made this definition complex for all, we have confused the world by blaming Islam and Muslims for spreading terrorism. No doubt the killings of innocents are not acceptable for anybody but have we ever thought that who are those which are busy killing innocents? Why everybody in the world always relate terrorism with Muslims only? There have been killings in the western world and most of the killers are non-Muslims. When a non-muslim kills a person he is termed as killer and when a muslim kills somebody then whole world starts chanting about terrorism.
There should be justice everywhere. Muslims are not terrorists. The world must not blame muslims for the terrorist activities. If anyone in the west kills or murders someone they call him terrorist and make a story that the person was out of the mind but when a single person dies by the hand of muslims then they blame that he was a terrorist because he was muslim.
Terrorists and terrorism has nothing to do with the religion. Terrorists use the name of religion for their brutal acts.
We must not condemn religion but terrorists. Terrorism is a mindset which must be eliminated. All of us must work together and support each other to eliminate terrorism from this world. Every country in this world is peace loving and wants peace to prevail.  Blaming muslims again and again they are the main reason for terrorism and they are terrorists is not right. It’s a very wrong perception.  

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