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Terrorism means creating fears by using violent means .It involves the use of horrible techniques to suppress the rights and taking lives of other human beings. So loss of innocent lives is result of terrorism. A person who involves in creating such activities is called terrorist. Now a days Pakistan and even the entire world is in the grip of terrorist activities. Although we claim that 21st century is the century of human advancement but there is no peace in different parts of the world. Terrorism is expanding day by day in entire world. The most severe victims of terrorism are the weaker nations especially Muslims as in Afghanistan, Iraq, Palestine and in Kashmir…..The worst form of terrorism is state terrorism in which the government of a state is directly involved in terrorism. In this form of terrorism state uses power against some groups just to prevent their struggle. It is totally against Muslims in different parts of the world as Indian army is killing innocent citizens in occupied Kashmir. Israeli army is performing same action in Palestine. In some countries the situation is more bad .In Afghanistan what is going on? Everyone knows that USA is showing double standard. Therefore the situation is worst and innocent human beings are being killed. Let’s have brief description of effect of terrorism. During terrorist activities valuable lives are killed. It is very badly damaging sports like Pakistan. There is no big international event is organized during last 5 years. Terrorism badly effect economy of a country. There are many reasons of terrorism. first important reason is that there is lack of effective education. Poverty is 2nd main cause of Terrorism. Political aims of different groups and political-parties is also a reason of it. Some international agencies are also involved in it. There is lack of tolerance of today’s world. Now it is a time to control terrorism. How we can control it?It can be controlled through positive role of media. The role of media is very important .Media can give good suggestion as well as can create awareness in the whole world. But most important role is of government of every state . UNO must have to play an active role to stop terrorism. Because it is a key time to make world peaceful and happier place by taking strong decisions.THANKS.

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