Terrorism is international phenomena

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A man has entered in yo new stone age from old stone age he showed bestial and barbarian  nature in certain walks of life.He is responsible for creating certain evils like terrorism.

Today when man has touched the surface of moon and the world itself has become global village,the evil of terrorism has spread in the society of man.with the changing time,terrorism has become one of the most horrible problem all over the world,especially in third world countries like Pakistan...at the very outset,we must accept that the evil of terrorism weakens the basic foundation of a nation .this evil not only demoralizes a nation ,but also become the cause of complete destruction in the long run.when people are under the pressure of terrorism their minds cannot be further utilized for the development of the country .people feel insecurity and keep thinking about all the time terrorism.

No doubt spreads discontentment in the society and ultimately a nations good image gets spoiled in the eye of the world...If it is not properly checked the  moral  system of the nation are destroyed....The main causes of terrorism are illiteracy poverty and wrong economic policies of the government...unfortunately majority of our people are uneducated...on the other hand our education is also not professional ...most of student cram things and then like a parrot reproduce it.... Due to illiteracy people do not know the difference between right and wrong...

lastly temptation for wealth and lust for power has given more dimensions to terrorism ....now materialism has gone in to the very depth of the man,s vein ,and this terrorism ....now terrorism spread in society on a very large scale...

lastly, there should be an exemplary punishment  for those who are responsible for creating this evil...political parties NGO,s and media can play important role to root out this evil terrorism ...it is our duty to cooperate with the government eliminate this evil and play our part as living nation......


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