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Dear Bitlanders I am going to write my this blog on most trusted PTC site, " named NeoBux."

         How to Register, How View Ads & How Withdraw?


                    Which friends need earning more income in their home they join this and earn easily.  Neobux is the leading PTC site till now a days.  PTC means pay to click. When we view there ads then they pay us.This is the oldest PTC site and never miss any cash out till now. I think this is oldest PTC site because Neobux was developed in about 2008. And I joined this site  in 11/3/2015 as with Standard Membership. Neobux accepts many accounts such as Payza, Paypal & Netteler at this time, This site is very secure and trusted in the world of PTC sites.. This site is too easy in work. It have two memberships. 1st Standard & 2nd is Golden, Standard Membership is free of cast but Golden Membership is worth 80$ USD which will expire after one year. 100% more chances to earn with Golden Membership, also you can more rented referrals and also direct referrals.

Rented Referrals

                    Referrals means which members we rent for period for 1 month or above and we receive  0.005 per click. Every referral at least view 4 ads daily it means every referral can earn for us about 0.02 per day. 0.60 in a month  if referral is active in whole month and never miss a day. And price of rented referral is 0.20 for one month. If you wants Extend Membership and Rent Referrals then you need funds. You can easily click on Add Funds  and choose your desired payment and desired account which you want to invest for referrals and for memberships. And direct referral is free like here in Bitlanders.

 Direct Referrals

                    You can make direct referrals like Bitlanders. You can share your referral link through e-mail address, also with social media. Select on banners and new page will be open now copy your referral link and share it. This is my referral link

  Add Funds:-  You can see adding funds method in picture below.

                     So the Golden Membership is very necessary if any want to earn more. The whole detail and earning, and Golden Membership's value is clearly shown in picture below

                      You can use your points for extend your rented referrals days. If you have lot of points you can also extend your membership from your points easily.

 How to Register?

                     Registration method is very easy. 1st of all write in new tab and click on Register or easily click --:Click Here:-- , Now registration page open and fill the complete lines with your own which you want like your e-mail address, Username which you want and password which you remember and tick on terms of service and finally click on Register and a confirmation code will be send us on given e-mail address. Now open the e-mail ID and select and copy the confirmation code and paste in registration page.  Now completed  registration.


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 For login 

                    Click on login icon and now login with your username and password. Please remember 1 IP address can only use on one account. After login click and view advertisement and will open new page. Now you must watch daily 4 ads in orange color in sever time. If you not click on 4 orange color ads on server time you will not able to earning of your rented and direct referrals. Look at the given picture below for guidance.



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How withdraw your funds?

                     In Neobux you can withdraw your funds as low as 2$ first time and 3$ second time and 4$ third time etc. When you have completed your task for withdraw your can easily click on Your Payment and new page will be open and show your accounts which you have register in account setting already. Now as your wish to withdraw your funds in you desired account. Now your funds instantly paid in your accounts. Like in below pictures.



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  All pictures which are basically screen shots of different pages of Neobux Site.

  This blog is written by me and please don't copy and paste it. Regards Ahmed Nawaz Jatoi (sindhiboy786)




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